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What’s Mine is Yours

de Rachel Botsman par

publié le 07/03/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover the reasons explaining the rise of today’s collaborative economy, a global phenomenon that privileges use over possession, and the sharing of resources.

You will also discover how this economy:

- Relies on digital platforms,

- Connects people with common interests,

- Redefines our notions of ownership and use,

- Promotes efficiency by circumventing hyper-consumption,

- Builds trust between strangers,

- Rethinks value in terms of sharing resources.

In the last couple of decades, collaborative consumer systems have emerged everywhere aiming to connect people with one another. Botsman avoids writing a diatribe against the excesses and waste of consumerism to which she provides emergency solutions. She offers instead a positive view of what collaboration, exchange, and trust can achieve.

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