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de David Clark, Mary Buffett par Vicente Ulive-Schnell

publié le 05/03/2019

By reading this koob you will understand how Warren Buffett, using key data and specific mathematical formulas, became the most successful investor on Wall Street. More importantly, you’ll learn how to apply his methodology in order to wisely value a company and decide whether to buy its stock.

You will also learn:

- How to compound gains,

- How to calculate a stock’s real value,

- How to identify trends on earnings,

- How to decide whether to invest in stocks or bonds,

- How to compare companies with similar stock values,

- How to track changes in your stock and decide when to sell, and

- How to plan long-term investments that will protect your assets against inflation.

Have you ever looked at the stock market in both confusion and fascination, wondering what’s the difference between a successful investor and a terrible one?

Stock markets are full of information, fluctuations and trends. How do you separate the noise from the real data? Warren Buffett developed a personalized reading of the investment market that distinguished him from the pack of standard brokers and turned him into one of today’s top-ten billionaires.

Are you tired of letting your money lay in the bank with low interest rates? Wary of traders trying to make a commission or of friends constantly coming up with a new magic formula? This koob will guide you through Warren Buffett’s reasoning, step by step. It will reveal the tools and analyses he used to make the right choices with his money and will help you earn from your savings and stop worrying about your pension plan.

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