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The design of everyday things

de Don Norman par Guillemette Allard-Bares

publié le 21/05/2019

In reading this koob, you will discover that a good object design is, above all, intended for the user and the use he or she will make of it.

You will also discover that:

- our difficulties with everyday objects are not our fault, but come from defects in design;

- the primary objective of good design is to produce an object that is understandable and easy to use;

- to better adapt to the user, the design must be based on and take into account the principles of human psychology; and

- designers have a variety of tools at their disposal to communicate the information necessary for use;

- cooperation between man and machine must be designed, taking into account the very different functioning of the two.

Who has never been annoyed by a product notice or lost patience in front of an everyday object that just wouldn’t cooperate? It can take a toll on our pride. However, it is not our abilities that are at stake. The primary purpose of design is to make objects intelligible and to make everyday life easier. This not only requires logic, but also a fair understanding of human psychology.

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