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So Good They Can't Ignore You

de Cal Newport par Noémie Mercier

publié le 01/04/2019

In reading this koob, you will learn to broaden your prospects for career success, regardless of your current job and projects.

You will also learn:

- to evaluate the relevance of your career development potentials;

- to adapt your definition of the ideal job to your skills;

- how to get better paid to do what you're good at.

Entering the workforce often requires choosing between three alternatives: earning money (but doing what you like least), living your passion (and earning less), or doing what is possible. Skeptical about these options and more particularly about the value of passion in professional decision-making, Cal Newport offers a fourth alternative: to gain skills to better appreciate what we already know how to do and to gain more by doing so.

For the author, only the determination to be “so good that others have no choice but to notice” matters, to quote comedian Steve Martin's answer to the question “How to succeed?” This injunction is the title of the book and invites you to invest today in these rare and valued skills that only develop through a realistic understanding of yourself (your real potential), the market (its recruitment opportunities), and your determination (your ability to act on your dissatisfaction to change your life).

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