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Deep Work

de Cal Newport par Cal Newport

publié le 26/03/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover how to excel professionally thanks to the concept known as deep work.

You’ll also learn that:

-deep work is a state of intense concentration far from all outer distractions, allowing you to optimize your cognitive capacities to be at the top of your professional game;

-the ability to deep work is becoming an increasingly rare trait, yet it is more valuable and useful than ever in our current society of hyperconnectivity;

-following just a few useful rules will allow you to master the art of deep work; and

-some of these rules will be viewed as constraints or sacrifices, but success doesn't go without.

Today, busy work takes up more space and time in our career and at the cost of valuable activity otherwise known as deep work. New kinds of distractions such as social media, infotainment, and innovative communication devices have additionally invaded workspaces; as a result, workers no longer are able to concentrate enough to produce something of legitimate value. In order to make a difference and increase his chances for success, Cal Newport implements the concept of deep work; because an isolated, disconnected, and concentrated brain can do wonders. 

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